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How Is The Real Estate Market? Prescott, June, 2015 Edition

Here’s the market update for June 1st, 2015 in Prescott, AZ.

It’s good if you’re selling. Less good if you’re buying.

A year ago, in May, 151 houses were sold. Last month, 133 houses were sold, down 11.9%.

A year ago, the Average Sale Price was $294,548. Last month, it was $315,787, up 7.2%.

A year ago, there were 823 active listings . Last month, there were 763, down 7.3%.

A year ago, the Average Days on Market was 120. Last month, it was 146, 21.7% longer.

Less houses are being sold, but at higher prices.

There are less houses to buy, but they take longer to sell.

It’s a great time to be selling a house.

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These numbers are only for the city of Prescott. When you look at the entire area, they stay very much the same, except more houses are sold now than last year in the other areas.

Here are the numbers for Prescott.

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BloomTree Realty Has A New Office

BloomTree Realty has moved into a new location right on the Court House Square in Prescott, AZ.

The new address is now 102 W Gurley St., Suite 102, Prescott, AZ 86301.

There is a Welcome Center, a Prescott Area Showcase, right on the corner of Cortez St. and Gurley St., open to anyone who wants more information about the area.

This is in the Bashford Building. There is 2,700 square feet on the first floor. We occupy the entire 5,400 square feet on the top floor.

There are offices, common work areas, and a huge training room.

There is still work to be done, finishing out all of the new areas.

Moving to new offices was possible because of the fast growth and success of the brokerage.

When we first visited Prescott, over 20 years ago, we fell in love with the small town feeling and the Court House Square in particular.

It amazes me that now I can say “Oh, yeah. I work right over there in that building.”

Who would have ever thought?

I’m looking forward to enjoying our new space.

Stop by and see me sometime.

Do You Know These 6 Safety Tips When Selling Your Home?

You may be vulnerable in ways you might not be aware of.

When your house is listed and “on the market”, anyone can look it up on on the Internet and know that you are selling your house, which can make you a target for all kinds of people with bad intent.

1. Hide Valuables

Of course you know this one, right?

Hide your jewelry. Hide your electronics. Hide your cameras. Hide your computers.

Hide your wives. Hide your children.

It’s easy to hide all of the obvious valuable things that could be stolen by someone as they walk through your house.

But did you think about the mail on your counter? Those envelopes could hold bank and credit card statements.

Any document with personal information that can be easily slipped into a bad guy’s pocket needs to be put away.

With cell phone cameras as good as they are these days, it’s easy to photograph that same sensitive information.

The photos is taken and you’ll never know they have it. Continue reading Do You Know These 6 Safety Tips When Selling Your Home?

Then It Crashed Into A Tree… Walker Firewise


We live in Walker, in the mountains, surrounded by forest, by trees, by needles, and by all kinds of incendiary material.

In an effort to clear defensible space around houses to help lessen the potential of a catastrophic wildfire, they developed the “Chip and Haul” program.

Everyone cleans up around their homes, then hauls the organic material down to the fire station, near the trash bins.

They get a backhoe and a chipper to come in and grind everything into small wood chips.

The chips are dumped in giant bins to be hauled away.

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Why Should I Use A Real Estate Agent To Sell My House?

I’m Better. Aren’t You?

In the back of my head, I’m thinking that I could sell my own house better than someone else could.

That makes sense, right?

Plus, the big reason that I’d want to sell my own house is that I don’t have to pay that huge commission to someone for doing next to nothing.

It doesn’t seem fair.

Why Should I Have A Real Estate Agent?

I recently read a promotional email talking about why people shouldn’t try to sell their own homes.

They listed a few reasons.

Most of their reasons seemed like they were trying to sell me something.

I was looking for some truth and knowledge.

Are there good reasons to have an agent?

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What Is My Property Worth? – Legal Title Issues

What scared my wife so much on our 29th anniversary?

Here’s what happened.

We went to Monument Valley on our anniversary.

Without showing you the 336 photos that we took, suffice it to say that it was overwhelmingly beautiful.

We drove through the valley floor in awe, around the monuments, along with a multitude of tour trucks and other tourists.

We heard Japanese, German, French, and other languages I didn’t understand.

At one point, we looked up at a point of rock protruding out over the valley, and there on the end, like something out of a movie, was the shape of a man on a horse, just standing on the overlook.

Victoria was telling me to take a photo, but I knew that it was just a statue set up for the tourists.

We could get it later.

The man on the horse then turned and walked away.

The scene was so iconic, so amazing, and I had missed the moment.

The secret to 29 years of marriage? Listen to your wife.

We drove on and soon found out why the man was there.

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Conrad Gets A Listing – 5221 E. Sapphire Dr.

The Listing

Our contractor, Kenneth Knock Development, has built another house in Diamond Valley.

Now that I’m a licensed real estate professional, he asked me to list it for him.

As part of what I do for every client who lists their house with me, I created a custom, stand alone web site for the house.

Since most home purchases involve searches on the Internet, I figure that my background of 20 years as a web developer and Internet marketer should come in handy.

I will be making a very cool video for the house also, including aerial video shot from my unmanned, remote control, quad-copter, that I won’t call a drone.

Since the house is visible from the highway, I had a banner made with the URL to the web site on it and hung it from the railing on the deck with a “For Sale” sign.

I took the photos myself. Yes. I’m good with Photoshop.

I want to thank my mentor, Rob Israel, for holding my hand through getting the actual paperwork and legal stuff done correctly, plus reviewing everything else that I did.

I couldn’t have done it without him, and I mean that literally. I needed help.

There’s more to listing a house than updating the MLS web site.

5221 E. Sapphire Dr. from 400 feet in the air, with an overlay of the county GIS survey map. Taken at 4k with my quad-copter and GoPro 4 Black.
5221 E. Sapphire Dr. from 400 feet in the air, with an overlay of the county GIS survey map. Taken at 4k with my quad-copter and GoPro 4 Black.

The House

The house is located at 5221 E. Sapphire Dr.

It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1635 square foot house with attached garage on .41 acres.

We are asking $234,900.

The house is brand new construction.

I know from personal experience that anything that Kenneth builds is done right.

You should go see the web site for all of the details. I won’t bore you here.

Here is the MLS Listing

Here is the Stand Alone Web Site

Get Your House Ready To Sell, Before Selling It.

I just learned something about selling a home that I already knew, but with a new perspective.

I’m excited about it.

Get your house ready to sell, before selling it.

From Our Side

I’m working with a friend, a client, Kenneth, who’s a contractor, building new homes.

The latest house is just about to hit the market, so we’re going over all the last minute details.

He’s spent the last 3 months of his life working in the guts of this house.

He could tell you about every stud, every joist, and every fixture. He knows this house better than anyone ever will.

Now, we’re getting ready to take photos and get it listed.

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Realtyna WPL Pro Review

Realtyna WPL Pro Review Summary

Realtyna WPL Pro has the worst support ever. Do not pass “Go”. Do not buy this plug in.

I have a tendency to go off the rails when I’m this frustrated, but I’ll try to hold it back and not bore you.

The Journey of Misery Begins With A Single Plug In

In my quest to sell homes in Prescott, AZ, I searched for a WordPress plug in that handles RETS, a method for displaying real estate listings on your web site.

I found Realtyna WPL Pro, with free installation, for $1,000. It does everything I want it to do and more.

Sounds good, so I bought it.

First, they want to “configure” my web site.

OK. What could wrong? Install a plug in and tweak some knobs and dials, right?

To my surprise, their idea of “configure” includes deleting all of my blog posts.

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