After you’ve listed everything that you can think of on that list, then sort it by priority.

Divide them them by type of event and then prioritize them with the most important items at the top.

It seems that a flashlight is the first thing that you will want.

A radio to find out what is happening might be good.

Having a food bar and some water will be welcome in the first few hours.

A first aid kit might come in useful, depending on the situation.

Things like a whistle, work gloves, or dust mask could might be up there.

As you go down the list, we’ll add the equipment and tools, until we get to more food and water.

As we get to the longer term emergencies, you’ll want to stockpile food and water. Those are larger, longer term investments.


Now, divide the list so that items at the very top of it can be put into a “bug out bag”, a backpack that you can grab in a hurry that has all of your essentials that will get you through a short term, immediate disaster.

You might want a “car bag” that contains stuff that you will always have with you in your car. This is for a smaller, short term emergency, but I’ve had a flat tire in Death Valley, and I can not imagine what would have happened without that emergency kit.

Next, divide out a list of items that you’ll need for a 3 day event. This will be bigger and not easy to grab on the way out the door, but if something happens where you stay in your house, lose all of your utilities, and emergency personnel are days away from rescuing you, this is the kit that will make you a survivor.

Now that you can make it 3 days, what happens if a longer event occurs? Let’s put together a 2 week kit. This will be more of the same stuff. After you get one first aid kit, you don’t need three more of them. This will be more food and more water, in longer term storage.

If you can make it for 2 weeks, you will be able to survive most everything that can happen to you.


Long Term Survival

If you think that we might have a long term economic collapse, or maybe a large scale terrorist attack, or something worse, you might want to start putting away much more food and water and supplies than two weeks worth.

The “prepper” movement is growing in this country, primarily in reaction to political situations. The USA has a huge debt. Europe is having economic problems. Most of the first world is over extended financially. There will need to come a time when that debt has be resolved.

What would happen if we had another Depression? If we had a similar event like that in the near future, how would you survive?

I’ve always thought that preppers were crazy, but I’m starting to look at the empty back bedroom to see how much freeze dried food I can stack in there.

You make up your own mind about how far you want to take this.

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