Now that we know what we need in that short term, immediate, OMG disaster, you should go buy it. You should have it now.

Get a backpack and start stashing stuff into it. It should be big enough to hold all your stuff, but small enough that you can carry it if you had to.

You know those movies where the monster is loose in town or the aliens have landed, so everyone has to run? You should have everything in your bag that you would need if that actually happened.

This bag should be able to go into the trunk of your car or sit in your bedroom.

You should have a bag for everyone in your household. Each should be able to support that one person, including the kids. It’s possible that you could get separated, so everyone should be able to rely on their own bag.

You can buy these kits already made up for you or you can buy your own stuff, the way you want it. Of course, I prefer that you buy it all from our store, but if I were you, I’d buy my own.

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