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Conrad Gets Excited

I just learned something about selling a home that I already knew, but with a new perspective.

I’m excited about it.

From Our Side

I’m working with a friend, a client, Kenneth, who’s a contractor, building new homes.

The latest house is just about to hit the market, so we’re going over all the last minute details.

He’s spent the last 3 months of his life working in the guts of this house.

He could tell you about every stud, every joist, and every fixture. He knows this house better than anyone ever will.

Now, we’re getting ready to take photos and get it listed.

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Realtyna WPL Pro Review

Realtyna WPL Pro Review Summary

Realtyna WPL Pro has the worst support ever. Do not pass “Go”. Do not buy this plug in.

I have a tendency to go off the rails when I’m this frustrated, but I’ll try to hold it back and not bore you.

The Journey of Misery Begins With A Single Plug In

In my quest to sell homes in Prescott, AZ, I searched for a WordPress plug in that handles RETS, a method for displaying real estate listings on your web site.

I found Realtyna WPL Pro, with free installation, for $1,000. It does everything I want it to do and more.

Sounds good, so I bought it.

First, they want to “configure” my web site.

OK. What could wrong? Install a plug in and tweak some knobs and dials, right?

To my surprise, their idea of “configure” includes deleting all of my blog posts.

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Is Zillow Lying To You?

For the last 20 years, I’ve lived on the Internet.

I’ve always believed that “information wants to be free“.

The Internet made information easier to access, more accurate, and ubiquitous. (That means it’s everywhere.)

Watching a TV show and want to know where you know that actor from? Open IMDB on your phone.

Looking for a new place to eat out? Open Yelp and see where others like to eat.

I’m all about spreading information around.

The Big But

The problem with all of that spreading goodness is when the information is wrong.

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Are Real Estate Agents Idiots?

Phil Dunphy is a REALTOR™ as a character on Modern Family.

Phil Dunphy is an idiot.

He’s a stereotype because it’s true.

It has always seemed to me that real estate agents were “not the sharpest tool shed”*.

*Expression used by his daughter on the show. She’s an idiot too.

They got too much money for driving around and shaking people’s hands.

I never got it.

Until I took the real estate class to get a license.

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The Real Estate Market In 2014

Was it a good year or a bad year in 2014?

Existing home sales were up 2.4% in December and 3.5% for 2014.

The National Association of Realtors said in its latest report the median sale price of $208,500 is 5.8% above a year before.

The sales pace in the last half of 2014 was 8% better than in the first half, with cheaper mortgages certainly a factor.

December saw a 1.9% dip in building permits, but the Census Bureau said there was a 4.4% boost for housing starts.

Starts for 2014 totaled 1.01 million, a 9-year high. Last year, groundbreaking increased 8.8%

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Yavapai County Tax Lien Sale – Make Money Fast!

Just kidding.

It takes 3 years to take possession of a property you bought a lien on.

You wouldn’t read a post titled “Make Money Slow!”, would you?

(I was going to post every day about what I was learning in real estate school.

It’s taking so much time and packing so much information into my very small brain, that I can’t keep up posting while learning this stuff.)


Property Tax Liens

So, I’m sitting in real estate class and the teacher is talking about liens and something else.

I forget what.

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The Best Real Estate School In Prescott, Arizona


I decided to become licensed as a real estate agent in Prescott, Arizona.

One of the rules in the state of Arizona is that before you can take the test to get your real estate license, you must take 90 hours of instruction IN A CLASSROOM.

Dude. I live on the Internet. Everything is on the Internet.

But, no. I have to drag myself down and physically sit in a classroom while a teacher drones on and on about deeds and titles or something.



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