The Top 5 “Top 50 Lists of Prepper Web Sites”

Rise Of The Lists

I was catching up on news on my iPhone while waiting somewhere, when I ran across an article titled “Rise Of The Preppers: 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet“.

“That looks interesting” I thought to myself. I’ll have to check that out later, when I have more time.

When I went to look for it later, but couldn’t remember where it was, so I looked it up in Google.

I searched for “top 50 prepper web sites“.

Wow. To my surprise, there were pages and pages of results for top 50 prepper web sites.

As I looked through them, I saw that most were just linked to the original list, but I found some others that were original.

Why wasn’t there a “Top 40″, I thought to myself, or even a “Top 10″?

What’s up with 50?

Anyway, after I read through them all, I put together this Top 5 “Top 50 Lists of Prepper Web Sites”.

There is some overlap, but there are some unique ones also.

The Top 5 Top 50 Lists of Prepper Web Sites

Here are The Top 5 “Top 50 Lists of Prepper Web Sites”:

1. Survival Top 50: Maybe this is where they got the idea for 50. This list is based on Google Page Rank and Alexa rankings. Not sure that’s the best way to define them, but it works.

2. Self Reliance News:
Says it’s updated daily and it includes thumbnails of the web sites themselves, so you can tell if they suck before you go there.

3. SHTFplan:
The original article that everyone linked to and got my attention to beginning this journey into lists.

4. Rethink Survival:
RSS feeds for all of the sites are listed on this one. The titles of the last 5 posts from each site are displayed and linked to the original posts. They say the list of sites is based on the Survival Top 50, but it was last updated on Sept. 23, 2012. Interesting to get the titles and links from the RSS feeds. I like it.

5. SHTFplan:
OK. I lied. This one only has the top 20, PLUS it’s really just a long involved comment on the Survival Top 50 list. Interesting to hear this guy’s take on the list though.

6. BONUS LIST! Survival Top 50 Runners Up:
These are the wannabes that didn’t rank in the top 50. It looks like there are another 95 sites listed here. Missed it by that much. Suckers! Of course, after I submit my site to their list, I’ll be somewhere, halfway down on the runner up list. Sigh…

Top 10 Prepper Web Sites

Because every “list” post needs a top 10, here’s mine. It’s based on my own personal bias and ignorance.

Please leave a comment and tell my why I’m wrong and which ones you would put in the top 10.

  2. American Preppers Network
  3. Survival Blog
  4. Off Grid Survival
  6. The Survival Podcast
  7. Urban Survival
  8. The Survivalist Blog
  9. The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog
  10. Doom And Bloom

The Top 261 Prepper Web Sites

(Note: Tell us who you read and recommend in the comments below.)

Being the tech geek that I am, I had to compile one master list of all of the prepper web sites on all of the lists.

This should be a list of all of the best, (or at least ALL of the), prepper web sites IN THE UNIVERSE!

Some of these really need to be on the runner up list and I’m not even sure that I want to list them here.

I personally don’t endorse the whacko, the weird, or the absurd.

If you have an evening to burn, here is the list in no particular order what so ever:

  1. 321Gold
  4. Ad Parare
  5. Advanced Survival Guide
  6. Alex Jones Show
  7. All American Gold
  8. All Things Survival
  9. Alt Market
  10. A Matter Of Preparedness
  12. Apartment Prepper
  13. Assemble On Us
  16. Be A Survivor
  18. Black Listed News
  19. Emergency Management Mitigation Team
  20. YourPreps
  21. Bug Out Blog
  23. BushGear
  24. CARDs Blog
  25. Codgerville
  26. Countdown to Collapse
  27. Common Sense Preparedness
  28. Daily Survival
  29. Inalienably Yours
  30. Deadline Live
  31. http://DehydratedFood
  32. DEMCAD’s Corner
  33. Berkey Guy Blog
  34. Doc Medina – Soapbox
  35. Don't Tread on Me
  36. Doom And Bloom
  39. Eric Peters Politics
  40. Essential Survival
  41. Family Survival Center
  42. Surviving In Argentina
  43. Food Storage And Survival
  44. Fraudonomics
  45. From the Trenches
  46. Full Spectrum Dominance
  48. Ghost Prepper
  49. Mish – Economic Trends
  50. Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness
  51. Homestead Revival
  52. If It Hits The Fan
  53. In Case Of Emergency
  54. Bushcraft and Survival Skills
  56. The Just In Case Book Blog
  57. Keep It Simple Survival
  59. Liberty Blitzkrieg
  60. Medically Speaking
  61. Market Ticker
  62. Max Velocity Tactical
  63. Keep It Simple Survival
  64. Modern Survival Blog
  65. Modern Survival Online
  66. NM Urban Homesteader
  67. Occupy Corporatism
  68. Off Grid Survival
  69. Out Alive
  70. Outdoors Native
  72. Poor Man Survival
  73. Prepared For Survival
  74. Prepared For That
  75. Preparedness And Response
  76. Preparedness Pantry
  77. Preparing Your Family
  78. Prepography
  80. Prepper Dashboard
  81. Prepper For The Worst
  82. Prepper Trader
  83. Prepper Website
  85. Prepping To Survive
  86. Prepping to Survive
  88. Project Chesapeake
  89. Ready Nutrition
  90. reThinkSurvival
  91. Rocky Mountain Survival Institute
  92. Salt N Prepper
  93. Adventures in Self Reliance
  94. SGT Report
  95. Sherrie Questions All
  96. Sherry vs The Back Country
  98. SHTF School
  99. Sibi Totique
  100. Skeptical Survivalist
  101. The Self-Sufficient Homestead
  102. Stealth Survival
  103. Steve Quayle’s World
  104. Suburban Survival Blog
  106. Survival And Beyond
  107. Survival And Prosperity
  108. Survival Cache
  109. Beyond Collapse
  110. Survival Disaster Plan
  111. Survival Joe
  112. Survival Logistics
  113. The Survival, Emergency Preparedness and Self Reliance Blog
  114. Survival & Emergency Preparedness
  117. Survival Weekly
  118. Final Dayz
  119. Surviving Modern Life
  120. Surviving the Coming Collapse
  123. TEOTWAWKI Blog
  124. Texas Preppers Network
  126. The Daily Prep
  128. The Intel Hub
  129. Liberty Mill
  130. The Prepared Christian
  132. The Survival Mom
  133. The Survival Place Blog
  135. The Warning Signs
  136. Yoga Sacramento
  139. Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest
  140. The Union Creek Journal
  142. Urban Survival Site
  143. usCrow
  144. Viking Preparedness
  145. SHTF Wiki
  147. Willow Haven Outdoor
  151. WROL Without Rule Of Law
  152. W T S H T F
  153. Emergency Survival and Preparedness Blog
  154. Activist Post
  155. ATEP Emergency Preparedness Blog
  156. American Oikos
  157. American Preppers Network
  158. Amerisafe Neighbor Network
  159. Armageddon Online
  160. A Survival Plan
  161. Backdoor Survival
  162. Backwoods Survival Blog
  163. Bacon And Eggs
  164. Bearish News
  165. Beer Budget Survival
  166. Be Survival
  167. Bison Survival Blog
  168. Bug-Out Survival
  169. Calculated Risk
  170. Canadian Preppers Network
  171. Cheap-Ass-Living
  172. Chris Martenson
  173. Emergency Preparedness Blog
  174. Collapse Net
  175. Cyber Disruption
  176. Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine
  177. The Doomsday Moose
  178. Doug Ritter
  179. Education After the Collapse
  180. Emergency Survival Skills
  181. Enemies Foreign & Domestic
  182. Every Life Secure – Emergency Preparedness Blog
  183. FloJak
  184. Government Is a Joke
  185. Hunter Trader Trapper
  186. In The Rabbit Hole
  187. King World News
  188. Lew Rockwell
  189. Liam Fisher
  190. LifeSong Wilderness Adventures
  191. My Family Survival Plan
  192. Nature Skills
  193. Oracle Broadcasting
  194. Paratus Familia Blog
  195. Peak Prosperity
  196. Pioneer Living
  197. Prep-Blog
  198. Preparedness Advice Blog
  199. Preparedness Pro
  200. Prepper Podcast Radio Network
  201. Prepper Website
  202. The Retreat
  203. International Preparedness Network
  204. * Ready Nutrition *
  205. Reality Survival
  206. Red Alerts: The American Survival Blog
  207. Jeff Rense
  208. Revere's Ride
  209. Save Our Skills
  210. Savvy Survivalist
  211. Security Whip
  212. SHTF America
  213. SHTF Blog
  214. SHTF Plan
  215. The Silver Bear Cafe
  216. Simply Canning
  217. Sovereign Man
  218. Survival Gear
  219. Survival Spot
  220. Survival Tube
  221. Rawles Survival Blog
  222. Survival Blogs
  223. Survival Central
  224. Survivalist Boards
  225. Survivalist Daily
  226. Survival Magazine
  227. Survival Mastery
  228. Survival Monkey
  229. Survival Logic
  230. SurvivalRing
  231. Survival Topics
  232. Survival TTP
  233. Survival Week
  234. The Wilderness Survival Guide
  235. Survive Whatever
  236. Tactical Intelligence
  237. The Burning Platform
  238. The Covert Prepper
  239. Daily Crux
  240. The Home For Survival
  241. International Forecaster
  242. The Patriots Cave
  243. The Preparedness Podcast
  244. Preparedness Review
  245. The Prepared Ninja
  246. The Survival & Emergency Preparedness Blog
  247. The Survival Doctor
  248. The Survivalist Blog
  249. The Survival Mom
  250. The Survival Podcast
  251. Shepherd School
  252. Tribal Hawk
  253. Truth Is Treason
  254. United American Freedom Foundation
  255. Urban Survival
  256. Value Investing Pro
  257. What Really Happened?
  258. Wilderness Survival Skills
  259. Wolfes Blog
  260. Wood Pile Report
  261. Zero Hedge

9 thoughts on “The Top 5 “Top 50 Lists of Prepper Web Sites”

  1. Who knew there were so many of them! There’s a lot of gleening available to us, thanks to you! I learn so much on this site, and from the people who write of their own experiences. I’m sure people say “been there, done that, but no matter if you think you’ve heard it all, think again. I always learn something new! Keep up the great work!

  2. Now go back and see how many actually have experience and that list will shrink dramatically. Most are band wagon johnny come latelies. Be very wary of the agenda directions many steer you towards as well

    1. I wasnt sure if the comment was directed at me or the industry in general.
      I only started the site about 9 months ago, but started prepping over 2 years ago, prior to that Marine Corps and Blackwater Iraq/Afghanistan.

      I do agree with you in part, in that there are a lot of johnny come latelies however i would distinguish between people who have just discovered prepping and want to share their experience vs a “Buy my 46 Items to hoard before the apocalypse” type site…

      Anyways I hope maybe my credentials might get you to visit the site, i dont try to push an agenda, however if you think im full of it and i do have an agenda let me know!

  3. Every prepper has their own survival / prepping website – it’s kind of ridicules. 99% have absolutely no credentials or background and they’re trying to tell you how to survive a major breakdown of the current system.

    Stick with the folks that have proven knowledge and a track record – such as books published by independent publishers, reviews and articles published in major magazines, actual training etc…

    I stick with – – and The Survival Podcast.

  4. This lists are based off of ranking data, none of which are based on actual value like their content. Shit, most of the ones on the list are nothing more than link and rss farms syndicating others content while not being operated by vets, survivalists, operators and etc. kind of a joke but the more the marrier I guess.

  5. Nice list and thank you for compiling this!

    At the risk of offending Matt in Oklahoma or Mike I would like to submit our own blog at If you feel it is worthy of inclusion I would appreciate it. As far as experience I am ex-military, but nothing hard-core like Special Forces and have been prepping for over 5 years.

    I won’t try to sell you my 10-point plan on how to be a better vegetable or anything like that.

  6. Hey I’m on that list, thank you!

    I hope that people are able to take something useful away from my blog. I’m not Special Forces or anything fancy like that, just a normal guy who enjoys trying to live a more Prepared and self reliant life.

    If someone dosn’t like my blog, then don’t read. If you do like it then please keep coming back.

    Thanks for the link and take care.

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